How I Got Rid of VisualBee

My daughter askedvisualbee me if she could install a software program that “we use all the time at school.” I was in a rush at that moment and told her to go ahead and install it on her laptop.

VisualBee was everywhere after that. I went to the Control Panel to delete it. It was still there even after rebooting. What to do? Search.

A normal search of VisualBee produces results that look pretty credible… after all, my daughter uses it at school, she says. But in the process of downloading there are checked boxes that need to be unchecked! Little extras get installed if you are not on the lookout.

There were many indepth discussions and postings of how to get rid of the software, and many were just too complicated and verbose for me to want to bother. I was concerned that I would have to hire someone to clean it off the computer. But thankfully I found a Yahoo! answer that gave instructions clearly and simply. It did the trick for us –

I still don’t know if VisualBee is legit… but it’s not being installed on our computer again.

2 thoughts on “How I Got Rid of VisualBee

  1. There are a specific set of instructions from VisualBee that can help you remove the toolbar.

    The toolbar removal process is not generic and there is a specific set of instructions.

    The cleanest and best way to uninstall the toolbar is using VisualBee’s own instructions. You can find the instructions here –

    Worked for me.

  2. Anna bee,

    Thank you for your comment. I was so concerned about VisualBee, that I didn’t want to go to its site for a solution. However, I just checked the site with – – and it comes up clean. I don’t know why I didn’t try that first.


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