I learned about this very cool tool from John Jantsch at Duct Tape Marketing. (You may want to sign up for his email updates. He offers great ideas.)

As John says in his message:

PrintFriendly – Turns any web page into a PDF. Great way to save from printing pages that you want to keep. You can also put a button on your own site to make it easy for people to use it.

Try it! Just put a website address into the box on the site, and voila! a print-friendly page pops up. Then you can remove ads or paragraphs that you don’t want, and save it as a pdf file to your computer.

You can also add the printfriendly WordPress plugin to your site, and then adjust the settings so that each page and post has the printfriendly icon at the bottom or top to give visitors the option of how they want to print your page.

See? I added it to Web Presents!

Also it prints black backgrounds with white text, as white background with black text.

You like?

2 thoughts on “PrintFriendly!

  1. Jennifer: Yes, it’s pretty nifty.

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