How to Find Colour Values!

This isn’t the first time Hongkiat has sent me a sweet nugget to my inbox. (I am signed up for their latest posts.)

On October 18th (yes, I just read it yesterday!), they sent a list and review of “Useful Eyedroppers (Color Pickers) For Designers.” Now I am no designer but I am forever trying to find out what the values are for certain colours that I want to use. Well, this article offers a buffet of choices!

I picked ColorPix… and it looks like it is going to do the trick for me.

Just download it from their site (it’s free). Then install it from the folder where it was saved on your computer. Eh, voila! The widget pops up!

To use it, just roll your mouse over any colour on your screen to find the one you like. Each colour, as you roll over them, will show in the box in the widget on your screen. When you find the one you want, just hit any key on your keyboard, and it is “locked” into the widget, so you can write down all the details of the colour.

To search for a new colour, just click on the box where the “locked colour” is shown, and it is unlocked, ready to find a new colour.

For those of you with Windows 7, try pinning it to your taskbar for quick access.