How to Post Tweets to your Facebook Page Automatically

I cannot tell you how many times I have searched for instructions about how to do this! And how many apps I have added, deleted, tinkered with, and *bleep-bleeped* at!

I must have spent 4 hours on this today (October 6, 2011), trying to set things up for a local non-profit organization that I am working with. My problems have been (today and always):

  1. Most apps allow you to send tweets to a personal Facebook profile, but not the fan page, which is what I wanted to do. So many help pages are filled with rants about this!
  2. I’d get things set up and functioning, and then… uh, they’d stop working!
  3. Or the app would not work at all! And I’d wait and reload, reload and wait… sigh.

I have tried Facebook apps, Twitter apps, and HooteSuite.

I say, “grrr” to them all.

So how did I finally get it working? I am going to write it out step-by-step here so that I DON’T FORGET! Here goes…

These are the steps to follow to send your tweets automatically to your Facebook fan page:

  1. You need a Twitter account. Open it up.
  2. In another browser window, open up your Facebook profile account. (No need to open the fan page, but you MUST be an administrator of the fan page to do this.)
  3. You need a TwitterFeed account. (I am a huge fan!) Just an email address and password are needed. No phone number, address, bio, photo, questionnaire to answer, or credit card required. Nice.
  4. Get the RSS feed for your Twitter account. Now this is the ONLY tricky step to this. I found the method in the comments section of this webdesignzo’s post today. Basically, your Twitter RSS URL feed is – – where xxxxxxx is your Twitter username.
    Did you get that?
    So, for example, the RSS feed for my Twitter account is –
  5. Copy the URL for your Twitter account RSS feed (#4 above).
  6. Now return to your TwitterFeed account, and click on “Create a New Feed.”
  7. Give the feed a name… something you will recognize later…  something like, in this case, “Twitter Feed to Facebook Page.”
  8. Paste the RSS Feed URL (#5 above) into the “Blog URL or RSS Feed URL” box.
  9. Then test it by clicking on “test rss feed.” Give it a second to test it. It should say “Feed parsed OK” when it’s finished.
  10. From here you can set up some “Advanced Settings,” but I will let you investigate those on your own. Click “Continue to Step 2” at the bottom of the page.
  11. From the available services shown, click “Facebook.”
  12. Next, click “Connect with Facebook.” It should take you to a “Request for Permission” page inside your Facebook account (since you are already signed in to your account – #2 above – remember?). It is asking you if it’s OK to connect your Facebook account to your TwitterFeed account.
  13. Click “Allow,” if that is what you want to do! (Ah. I believe it is.)
  14. Once you have allowed it, you will be returned to the TwitterFeed page, and you should see that your Facebook profile is now an “Authenticated Facebook Account.”
  15. Below that, you will see “Facebook Pages – Choose a Facebook Page to publish your feed to its wall, or leave blank to publish to your Facebook account wall.” From the drop down menu, select the Facebook page you want your tweets to be posted to. (Remember that you need to have administrative privileges for the page for it to appear as a drop down choice – #2 above.)
  16. Click “Create Service.” You should see that the “Service created successfully” on the next page.
  17. Click “All Done!” for good measure. You should now be able to see the Twitter Feed to Facebook Page listed on the dashboard of your TwitterFeed account.
  18. Yeah! Try it out. Tweet something. It should show up on your Facebook page… but maybe not immediately. Don’t lose heart! It may take a few minutes for all the connections to be made. Go make a cup of tea while you are waiting.

Tell me it worked! Retweet this post. Like it. Whatever. But celebrate your success somehow. You’re done!

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