WordPress: How to Remove Comments from Pages

You may not want people to leave comments on the pages of your site. The content of pages (e.g. About, Contact Us, Services, etc.) is not usually changed that often. Most people want comments on their posts; not pages.

To remove comments from pages:

  1. Click on the Pages link, in the left sidebar.
  2. Then click on Pages again, to show the full list of all your pages.
  3. Click the box in the top left (beside the word Title). This will put a check mark in all of the boxes for each page.
  4. Then click the “Bulk Actions” drop-down menu above the “Title.”
  5. Select edit from the drop-down menu, and then…
  6. Click “Apply.” The bulk actions box will appear.
  7. Click on the Comments drop-down, and …
  8. Select “do not allow.”
  9. Click “Update” so that your changes are saved.

This should remove all comment boxes from the bottom of all of your pages.