WordPress: How to Add a Category to the Top Menu

I have searched all over for the answer to this! I knew there must be a simple solution… without having to do any coding. Here’s how to add a category to your main (top) menu on your WordPress site in just a few steps:

Please note that these steps depend on you having created a customized menu on the Menu page. This is very easy to do. Click here for instructions.

  1. First, create the category.You can do this either, while editing a post (in the right sidebar), or from the dashboard under posts (click on “Categories,” and then “Add New Category”).
  2. Then, from your dashboard, go to “Appearance,” and then “Menu.” On the left side of the Menu page, and at the bottom (of the TwentyTen theme, at least), there is a Category section. (You may have to click “View All” to see the new Category you just made.) Put a check mark in the box beside it, and then click “Add to Menu.” It will appear in the right side of the Menu page.
  3. If the order of the menu is not what you want it to be, just put your cursor over the menu item, and drag it into place in the menu order. (The top menu item will be the first item on the left when you see your site in the browser; the second item down, will be second to the left; the third item down, will be third from the left; and so on.)
  4. Remember to click “Save Menu!”

Please note that you can position the new Category item underneath an existing page in the top menu, buy putting it underneath that page, and then nudging it over to the right. (Email me if this is not clear.) When you do this you create a submenu, which appears as a drop-down menu in your browser.

Et voila! Your new category is now on the main (top) menu. Go to your site in your browser to see how it looks.